Wellington LRAA Schedule 2019

We are running two streams this year – Lesbian Recreation and Athletics Activities (generally outdoors and more hands on) and a lesbian feminist discussion group. All the activities are paid for by us so they’re free.

Please contact us here if you want to come along to any of the activities and someone will let you know the exact dates, time & places to meet. Discussion groups are the first Thursday of every month.

If you have something you’d really like to get up to with the group, or discuss, please let us know and we can try make it happen.

Activity: Republic of Whangamomona Independence Day Celebration
Discussion: Do the Ministry of Women know what lesbians are?

Activity: Raglan trip
Discussion: Can you be a feminist and wear make-up?

Activity: ILGA but for Lesbians
Discussion: How can we act in solidarity with lesbian feminists overseas? Informed by initial findings from our Lesbians Worldwide ’19 report.

Activity: Rock-climbing, but if it’s awful weather coffee and a trip to LILAC.
Discussion: The Legacy of LAVA (Lesbian Action for Visibility Aotearoa).

26 April is Lesbian Visibility Day.

Activity: Making screens for screen printing then screen printing & banner painting
Discussion: How can we act in solidarity with lesbian feminists overseas? A look at the Lesbians Worldwide ’19 report. 

Activity: “Building some garden stuff” which I think referred to planter boxes (TBC)
Discussion: Can marriage ever be feminist?

Activity: TBC. Current suggestion: decorating photo frames.
Discussion: Lesbian Separatism in this economy.

Activity: Bowling
Discussion: TBC

Activity: Minigolf
Discussion: TBC

Activity: Bike ride
Discussion: Lesbian Feminist responses to the housing crisis.

Extracurricular: Separatist trip.

Activity: Go on an adventure
Discussion: TBC

Activity: Surf &
Discussion: TBC

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