Get The L Out

Content warning: The screenshots on this page include many phrases used in conversion therapy (sexual orientation change efforts). There are mentions of rape.


We wanted to show the pervasive anti-lesbian harassment, coercion and shaming of exclusively same-sex attracted females by people in the (L)GBT community so we collected these screenshots.

Nobody wants to be called transphobic, a vagina fetishist or a terf. These screenshots show hundreds of lesbians described with those words and worse, told to open their minds to sleeping with someone with male genitalia or to try ‘change their preferences’! Lesbian sexual orientation is treated as problematic and even harmful, which stigmatises lesbians. There is an incentive to try change sexual orientation so you no longer face this kind of harassment or anti-lesbian stigma.

Please read the full page and make up your own mind about this:

We’re sorry to have to document this pattern of cotton ceiling harassment within the LGBT community, but it’s important to name the problem and speak up against it.

Thank you for taking the time to read through.


This is a heavy topic. If you need to talk to someone right now and you’re in Aotearoa you can text or call 1737. There are other helplines and support services available here.


If you are a lesbian who wants to get involved with our collective you can contact us here.

If you are a member of the media or an organiser in an LGBT organisation in Aotearoa, you are welcome to approach us regarding this issue here.

* It’s also worth noting that research has shown lesbians are actually more likely to date a trans person than gay men or straight people are, yet bullying is overwhelmingly targeted at lesbians. The authors of the linked study singled lesbians out as troubling because we were twice as likely to say we would date a female person (who identifies as a man) than give the ‘correct’ answer of saying we would date a male person (who identifies as a woman). Our exclusive same-sex attraction is constantly problematised.

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