MoLA Pōneke Easter Gathering

We had a great gathering over Easter 2021, featuring:

  • A trip up the Kapiti Coast to go to the beach, meet with other lesbian radical feminists, pick feijoas and explore interesting bookshops
  • Six Angry Women, stopped about forty times for deep analysis until around 2am (we fast forwarded the section where the interviewer makes the woman relive the sexual abuse though, that was utterly needless and cruel of the production team)
  • Multiple nights of stargazing
  • No additives
  • But quite a lot of bubble tea
  • Reminiscing

It was the first time all of us who went to womyn’s lands in 2019 were together since that trip, so it was really exciting getting to catch up on all the interesting life developments.


Dykes do not split on each other.

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