We have a feminist kaupapa.

We agree with these core principles laid out by the Women’s Liberation Front:

All lesbians* are oppressed on the axes of sex and sexual orientation. Wahine māori and Pacific lesbians, as well as all racialised lesbians in New Zealand experience the intersection of racism, sexism and anti-lesbian discrimination.

Where we stand:

We acknowledge the corrupt and brutal arrangement of power which subjugates women to men on the basis of their sex is largely, if not entirely, a product of colonisation.

We want an end to all laws and institutions which perpetuate men’s aggression towards and dominance over women.

We encourage non-compliance with sex-role stereotypes. Heteronormativity is built on and maintained through sex-role stereotypes. Nobody should be harassed, threatened or abused for not complying to sex-role stereotypes.

We believe in protecting and creating lesbian and women only spaces, services and provisions as these spaces allow for healing and for women and girls to thrive.

We want freedom from intimidation by threats, use of violence or sexual coercion from men.

We support our sisters with disabilities and strive to create non-disabling environments and events, as we work towards a society which is not disabling.

We support all women to have access to free contraception and abortion on demand.

Code of Conduct:

Women can disagree, but even in hard disagreements members of LRAA are expected to treat everyone with respect. If mediation is needed between group members, it will be provided.

The LRAA is opposed to pornography and the sex industry because it is violence against women and girls. Members of the LRAA do not participate in anyones sexual exploitation.

The LRAA has a zero-tolerance policy for abuse.

Note: We use the term lesbian to mean exclusively same-sex attracted females. Some of us may use the word takatāpui to describe that experience. We prefer not to be known as ‘female homosexuals’.

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