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Out in the Park 2019 (Wellington)

We are happy to say we will be bringing our lesbian positivity to Out in the Park at Wellington this year! We will have some information about our new recreation group, as well as events coming up. If you're in Wellington, come say hi!

Raglan Trip

An LRAA group went on a short notice trip to Raglan last week. Here is a run down of all the scandalous things we got up to: We spent Friday evening catching up on political and social events over a lovely vegan dinner. On Saturday, we had a relaxing morning. Some women went on a ...

Solidarity with South Korean Lesbians!

In 2010, a lesbian woman in the military in South Korea was raped by her supervisor who said she needed to try men. She became pregnant and had to have an abortion. After that, a second man in the military raped her. This week, both men have been finally found found not guilty of rape ...

Setting Up

Kia ora e kare ma, we are working on getting the website up and running so we have somewhere official to direct people to. It's a mission, but we take heart in outgrowing the facebook group! Plans are coming to fruition at last. Stay tuned.