Survey: Lesbians Worldwide ’19

We are running a short survey about what life is like for lesbians in different countries. The survey was created by lesbian feminists in South Korea and New Zealand after discussions around the lack of lesbian perspectives represented at the ILGA World Conference. The initial results were so interesting we thought it would be worthwhile trying to learn more from lesbians elsewhere.

We will present our findings in a report available free on this website, and we hope to translate that report into all the languages used by participants completing the survey.

The survey does not ask for any demographic information, your email or your name because the stakes are extremely high for many women. After asking which country women live in, it asks five questions that serve as prompts:

– Are you out as a lesbian? If you are out in limited circumstances (eg only out to friends, only out to family) please describe:

– Is it safe to come out as a lesbian at schools or university in your country? What are the risks of being out as a student, or as a teacher?

– How hard is it for two lesbians in a relationship to live together in your country? Please describe the reason for your answer.

– Which organisations in your country are trying to improve the circumstances for lesbians? Is there any way we can donate?

– Are there any recent legal developments, scandals or successes you want to bring our attention to? Please include any other comments here:

You can contact us here to complete the survey if you have not already had it sent to you.

The questions will vary slightly in each translation. At present the survey is available in English, Korean, Russian, French, Arabic, Hindi and Spanish however we are happy to organise further translations. Please let us know.

Update 1 – April:

We started recruiting participants via word-of-mouth on March 30. In the 5 days since then we have at least 125 responses, most from South Korea, Russia and Argentina.

We have also had responses from lesbians in Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Suriname, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Canada, UK, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

While hearing from lesbians in 28 countries in a few days is brilliant, it’s far from worldwide! If you can help us get the survey to lesbians anywhere throughout Africa, Asia or the Pacific, please contact us.

Someone has volunteered to translate the survey into Polish, so that’s great news too. We have requested translation to Swahili but that is taking a little while to sort. A version in Mandarin is available now too.

Update 2 – August:

We are almost finished so the report will be available soon!

If you are interested in helping to translate any of the finished report from English, please contact us.


  1. […] I went to address the next point on the agenda which was looking at preliminary data from our ‘Lesbian Experiences Worldwide’ survey. The plan was to talk in detail about how we can act in solidarity with lesbian movements […]



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