Raglan Trip

An LRAA group went on a short notice trip to Raglan last week. Here is a run down of all the scandalous things we got up to:

We spent Friday evening catching up on political and social events over a lovely vegan dinner.

On Saturday, we had a relaxing morning. Some women went on a walk around Raglan at dawn (and got slightly lost), others started on our craft projects for Out in the Park (March 16!) with cups of tea and a couple others slept in. We are making some friendship bracelets, necklaces, painted rocks and some art out of the words, ‘sisterhood is powerful’ and ‘lesbian liberation’.

Julie Bindel was on the radio at 10am so we gathered around to listen to that for half an hour. You can listen to it here.

We discussed that in detail then went to the beach for a long swim! We were tired so we  afternoon napped while Joan Jett’s Greatest Hits album played in the background. It played twice before anyone got grumbly enough to turn it off.

We had some dinner then sat outside under the stars and talked.

On Sunday a few of us did yoga then we all cleaned up the bach together. We went back to the beach one last time before all heading our separate ways by 2pm.

We will give more notice next time so even more women are able to join us 🙂

Here is a photo of the view when you walk up the hills by the beach:


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